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Over the years, FTMSGlobal has been featured in numerous publications of the various countries in which it operates. Currently, we operate in Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong/China, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Vietnam.

We have gathered and archived these on this page for your reference:

Business Magazine in Mauritius - June 2015

Singapore Business Review - January 2015

Tabla Newspaper - 24 Oct 2014

Tabla Newspaper - 12 Sep 2014

TODAY Newspaper - 12 Sep 2014

FTMSGlobal and CIMA Launch MBA in Sri Lanka

University of East London courses at FTMS College

FTMS College has been providing both professional and academic programmes since its inception in 1986. One of Malaysia's longest established private institutes, its strengths are in accounting & finance, business and computing disciplines.

FTMS offers degree programmes from UEL, a university with a reputation for innovation.

Aside from professional programmes such as ACCA, CIMA, CAT and CFA, the college offers diploma programmes in business and computing, and collaborates with UK universities for the local delivery of degree programmes in computing.

FTMSGlobal has schools located in city centres in Hongkong, Brunei, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Uganda, Somalia and Malaysia. This city centre concept ensures that students are close to the commercial and business world, and have easy access to the campus by different forms of public transport.

In collaboration with the University of East London (UEL), FTMS now delivers two specialised UEL degree programmes: the BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering and BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Technology.

Rated among the top 10 modern universities for research, UEL is a dynamic university with a reputation for innovation and diversity. Positioned at the cutting edge of cultural and technological change, UEL develops programmes of teaching and research that are practical, innovative and relevant.

The Software Engineering degree addresses an aspect of computer applications that has been of concern for quite a while, which is the quality of software produced and the regularity of software being delivered late and over budget.

The degree provides the skills and knowledge for the development of sound and user-friendly software applications by emphasising the importance of following a methodology fully, ensuring that project estimation is realistic, monitoring the project progress, thoroughly testing the software and involving the user throughout the development process.

The world video games market is growing at about 20% a year. Computer game development, a synthesis of technical skills and creative talent, has gone from being a cottage industry of the 1980s to a vibrant global industry. Worldwide, computer games are now a US$28 billion industry, bigger than the movie industry. It has matured to include advanced technologies from software engineering, computer programming, computer graphics, animation, and even artificial intelligence.

In a move to cater to this new niche market, FTMS College has launched the UEL BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Technology.

The programme is part of an ongoing response to changes in the discipline of computer science and its emerging application in the game industry.

In the past, game developers used to enter the industry with little more than an ability to learn programming and a real enthusiasm for games. But today, the game industry requires many more skills, and courses like computer games technology play an important role in supplying the needed skills.

This programme provides students with a comprehensive education in all aspects of computer games design, programming and technology.

It aims to develop professional and transferable skills in a wide range of methods, techniques and practices appropriate for the tasks domain of a professional computer game developer. It also aims to provide students with an education and learning experience that will equip them to operate as autonomous computing professionals.

Graduates will be able to gain employment within the computer industry, the multimedia industry or the computer games industry as multimedia designers, web application developers, project managers, animators or consultants.

The next intake for the degree programmes is Sept 8. Enrolment is currently under way.

For those who would like to study but find that the cost is beyond their budget, FTMS will assist with the application for a study loan. For those with good academic results, scholarships are available.

Loan applications supported include those made to Mara, PTPTN, Maju Institute of Education, Malaysia Communication & Education Foundation and banks.

FTMS is a contributor to and supporter of both The Star Education Fund and the Sin Chew Education Fund. Would-be students can apply to these organisations for scholarships.

FTMS also has its own scholarships which are based on academic achievements whereby successful applicants may be given up to 100% scholarship.

For more information on the UEL degrees, visit the FTMS campus at 24-30 Jalan Hang Kasturi or call 03-20509595. Counsellors are available from 9am to 8pm (Mon - Fri) and 9am to 5pm on weekends for personal counselling.

Sin Chew Newspaper

FTMS featured in the Sin Chew newspaper.

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Makal Osai Newspaper

FTMS featured in the Makal Osai newspaper.

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FTMS featured in the Makal Osai newspaper.

Vietnam, HTV Channel 9, Lord Mayor of London Visits FTMS Vietnam, 5th May 2007

FTMS featured on the evening news (7:50pm to 7:55pm), Channel 9 of HTV, Vietnam.

English Translation:

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While Vietnam is on the way to integrating with the world's economy, education and training is playing a more important role in reinforcing the capacity of the accounting and auditing sector in Vietnam.

At the Workshop of Education & Training and Professional Certificates in Ho Chi Minh City during the visit of Lord Mayor John Stuttard, Mrs Nguyen Phuong Mai, Country Manager of the British Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Vietnam said that in order to have a fair financial economy which is adaptable to the regional and global economy, it is necessary to have a force of highly professional and fairly auditors. Vietnam is taking strong steps towards integrating with the international economy, and demand for manpower in the auditing sector will rise in the coming period. ACCA wishes to cooperate in the long term and bring great opportunities to the confident auditors when integrating with as well as entering the regional and world's markets. To help Vietnam in building the supply of international auditors, since 1997 ACCA has organized international auditing courses taught by professionals and those who have important roles in audit in many countries over the world. The challenge in the beginning years was to get people to understand the importance of training courses for professional accounting. ACCA has organized many workshops to introduce students to the difference between professional and academic courses, and to help them develop analytical and practical skills to answer exam questions and to apply the knowledge to actual work, to improve English communication skills and working styles in the professional environment. The success of the program can be attributed to the strong support from international accounting and auditing companies. Based on actual need of the businesses, ACCA Global formally set up offices in Vietnam to easily support the training of international accounting and auditing workers, meeting the demand of the accounting & auditing sector in Vietnam. During this event, 30 audit students at FTMS Centre, a professional school hosting ACCA courses, had the chance to meet and discuss with Lord Mayor John Stuttard about the London Financial District, the leading financial district in the world.

"Vietnam is developing very fast and strongly. More and more business and investment opportunities result in the fact that the demand for highly qualified manpower in auditing is growing. To have qualified auditors, it is most important to have methodical training. ACCA is one of the most famous certifications in the world and is accepted in many nations. I advise that any Vietnamese who wants to succeed in accounting and finance and to have job opportunities in many countries should strive to become ACCA members. It is the professional passport for the Vietnamese to enter the world market."

ACCA Vietnam currently has 181 members, 37 members-to-be, and 1500 students. ACCA's effort will support the Vietnam economic development by training highly qualified accounting and financial professionals, reinforcing the strong development of the Vietnamese economy.

The Star Education Fund Launching Ceremony

Event: The Star Education Fund Launching Ceremony at The Star Education Fair 2007
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Date: 6th January 2007
Time: 10am

FTMS College has contribute for The Star Education Fund and students can grab this opportunities to study in FTMS KL under scholarship scheme. Those who are insterested, they can apply through The Star newspaper.

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FTMS College General Manager, Mr Sajilal Divakaran, handing over scholarships for the Star Education Fund to YB Dato Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn, Minister of Human Resource, Malaysia at the opening of the Star Education Exhibition. Scholarship recepients

The Star Newspaper, 13th Dec 2006

The newspaper cut-out from The Star. (click to view full-size image)

WITH over 18 years of excellence, more than 26,000 graduates and centres in Brunei, Vietnam, HK, China, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Uganda, Singapore and Malaysia; the FTMS School of Professional Accounting & Finance is one of the largest providers of ACCA courses in the world.

The highly experienced and qualified staff have regularly produced prize winners for the ACCA and CAT modules.

The FTMS College campus in Kuala Lumpur is located in the city centre, close to the Central Market, making the campus one that is easily accessed via public transport.

The campus itself provides a conducive learning environment, as it is equipped with a library, computers, Internet connectivity and video-conferencing facilities.

Students pay a single fee, which covers the cost of tuition and usage of the campus facilities.

Being professional in every way, FTMS also provides a range of scholarships to deserving students that assist in the payment of fees.

Lectures are undertaken in well appointed classrooms/lecture theatres by experienced and friendly lecturing staff.

Students are provided with sets of notes to accompany lectures, and are given full support by the teaching staff.

All lecturing staff have practical experience in their subject areas, having gained appropriate qualifications and experience in their areas of expertise.

In many cases, aspects of a lecturer's practical experiences are brought into the lecture theatre, providing benefit to students through "real-life" examples.

FTMS' focus on professional and entrepreneurial development ensures that its students pass their examinations and build a strong foundation for success in their careers.

The thorough covering of the syllabus and examination techniques required for success are an important component of the learning process at FTMS.

Mongolia Daily News, 25th November 2006


The Mongolian "Daily News" has featured FTMS on 25th November 2006.

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The article about FTMS in Mongolia's "Daily News".

"PELUANG 'KAKI GAME' DAPAT IJAZAH SARJANA MUDA ": Computer Games Technology article in Berita Harian, Singapore


Shamsul Jangarodin (mahasiswa Nus)

MENCIPTA permainan komputer bagi memburu segulung ijazah Sarjana Muda (Kepujian).

Mungkin ramai kaki game yang kepingin berbuat demikian.

Maklumlah, peluang menggandingkan hobi dengan pendidikan dan kerjaya masa depan merupakan peluang keemasan.

Siapa tidak inginkan suasana kerja menyeronokkan tetapi membina?

Kini, sebuah institusi pengajian tinggi setempat yang mula bertapak dalam bidang pendidikan privet, FTMS Global, mengorak langkah memperkenalkan kursus Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) dalam teknologi permainan komputer.

Kursus tiga tahun itu, yang bermula September ini, mendapat pengiktirafan daripada Universiti Liverpool John Moores.

Ia adalah yang pertama dalam pengkhususan permainan komputer yang diperkenalkan di Singapura dan Asia-Pasifik.

Sewaktu ditemui e_Remaja, Ketua Akademik Sekolah Kejuruteraan dan Sains Komputer FTMS Global, Encik Shailesh Babu, berharap kursus itu dapat melahirkan bakat tempatan dan serantau yang dapat menghasilkan permainan komputer bermutu.

Menurutnya, industri permainan komputer berkembang pesat di Asia dan bahkan mengatasi industri perfileman Hollywood pada 1999.

Nilainya dianggarkan mencecah AS$100 bilion ($172.2 bilion) dalam abad mendatang.

'Memandangkan Singapura, yang digelar Bandar Asia Paling Berhubung Kait, berazam berkongsi industri berbilion dolar ini, kami pun ingin sama-sama memainkan peranan membangun sebuah pusat digital.

'Kami berharap dapat membimbing pembikin permainan yang dapat menyumbang kepada industri pembangunan permainan komputer yang sebelum ini dikuasai Jepun dan Korea,' jelas Encik Babu.

Pelajar kursus ini kelak berpeluang mempelajari kejuruteraan sofwe, atur cara komputer, grafik komputer, animasi dan kebijaksanaan tiruan (artificial intelligence) sebagai sandaran menghasilkan permainan komputer konsol, siber atau bergerak.

Mereka juga boleh memilih untuk bekerja sambil belajar di beberapa syarikat pembangunan permainan komputer di sini dalam tahun ketiga pengajian apabila mereka perlu menghasilkan permainan komputer sebagai projek akhir tahun.

Buat masa ini, hanya 25 hingga 30 pelajar saja bakal diterima untuk kursus perintis September ini.

Ia dibuka kepada mereka yang berkelulusan diploma atau Sijil Am Pelajaran (GCE) Peringkat 'A' dalam jurusan Sains dan Matematik.

'Bermain permainan komputer amat berbeza daripada menghasilkannya sebab ini memerlukan pengetahuan dalam bidang atur cara komputer.

'Justeru itu, setiap pelajar yang mendaftar bagi kursus ini perlu melalui sesi wawancara apabila kami menilai keupayaan dan kemahiran mereka dalam bidang atur cara dan analisis komputer,' ujar Encik Babu.

Sebagai tawaran pelancaran, FTMSGlobal menawarkan biasiswa kepada semua pelajar kursus ini.

Mereka hanya perlu membayar antara 33 peratus dengan 67 peratus yuran kursus.

'Yuran bagi setiap tahun pengajian mereka berharga $24,000, tetapi setelah menerima biasiswa, mereka hanya perlu membayar $8,000 pada tahun pertama, $12,000 bagi tahun kedua dan $16,000 bagi tahun ketiga,' ujar konsultan korporat kanan FTMSGlobal, Cik Sirjit Gill.

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