ACCA Exam Tips

June 2013 Exam Tips by Mr. Lim Teck Chuan (Ivan)

Hot topics:

IAS 16, 37 & 10
Correction of errors
Accrual & prepayment
Bank Reconciliation Statement
Bonus issue, Rights issue & cash issue
Incomplete records

Exam success

• Do not spot question. Candidate must note that the examiner will test every area of the syllabus so you must revise all topics.

• Do not rush. Be systematic in your revision. Candidates must ensure they have strong double entry book keeping concept by practicing preparation question before attempting exam style question.

• Practice. It is possible to complete the revision kit. Upon completion, chances of doing well in examination will be greatly increased.

• Be familiar with exam condition. Candidates may not be familiar with computer based examination.

• Time allocation. Feedback from candidates on this paper is unable to complete the exam within the given time. The exam is a combination of ‘straight forward’ and ‘Time consuming’ questions. By looking at the length of question, Candidates will be able to assess whether the question is ‘straight forward’ or ‘Time consuming’. Candidate may wish to attempt all ‘straight forward’ question first as it is essential to obtain all possible ‘easy marks’.

Lastly, I wish you all the best in your ACCA route.

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