ACCA Exam Tips

June 2013 Exam Tips by Mr. Chan Tze Kang

1. Development in management accounting system
-Traditional approach vs ABC in overheads absorption
-Cost plus pricing vs target costing
-Environmental management accounting
-Contingency theory and Institutional theory

2. Management accounting information & MIS

-Evaluate the usefulness of management report
-Evaluate the impact of adoption of MIS (e.g. EIS) in performance management

3. Planning
-Uses of SWOT/PESTEL/5 forces
-Uses of Critical Success Factors analysis
-Uses of Ansoff's product market matrix for performance improvement
-Uses of BCG matrix for performance measurement

-Traditional Budgeting vs Beyond Budgeting
-Evaluate the uses of Budgeting in performance management

4. Decision making
-Transfer pricing
-Investment appraisal with NPV, MIRR

5. Performance Measurement + Human Resource Management
-Divisional performance measurement with : ROI, RI, EVA
-Uses of Balanced scorecard, Building Block, Performance Pyramid, Value for Money to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing performance measurement system in an organization
-Difficulty in performance measurement
-Reward scheme

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