ACCA Exam Tips

As always core areas of the syllabus that you can expect in the Dec 2013 examination include

  1. Investment appraisal. In addition to NPV consider other appraisal methods such as IRR and Payback period. Be able to conduct a sensitivity analysis.
  2. Sources of finance. Rights issues.
  3. Cost of capital calculation. Be able to discuss capital structure and dividend theories.
  4. Working capital management. Questions on WCM are never limited to one area. You may see stock management, debtors management (factoring, early settlement discounts) and cash management all on the same paper.

In addition to these ideas you must be able to calculate and analyze financial ratios for every F9 exam. Performance evaluation of some kind is highly likely.

Also make sure you can explain EMH and briefly describe Islamic finance.


ACCA Preparatory Course