ACCA Exam Tips

  1. Question one is likely to include an Investment appraisal of some kind. For project appraisal, be able to calculate and discuss other appraisal methods such as MIRR and project duration in addition to NPV. Be able to assess risk.
  2. The alternative to a project appraisal is a business valuation. This area has been tested regularly in recent times so maybe look for something on using options (Black Scholes) to value businesses as an alternative to traditional methods.
  3. Financial performance evaluation including EVA
  4. Schemes of reorganization and reconstruction
  5. Treasury management. Managing interest rate risk or possibly incorporating a currency swap into an NPV question.

As always you can expect questions to incorporate cost of capital calculations, discussions of basic financial management theory such as capital structure decisions and dividend policy, sources of finance etc.

Calculating ratios, applying the CAPM and DVM (or Free cash flow models), un-gearing and re-gearing betas etc feature in all exams.

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