ACCA Program Frequently Asked Questions

Your pathway to a career in accountancy starts here! The following are frequently-asked questions regarding the ACCA program. If your question is not answered below, please email

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Q: Is the ACCA Premier Express Course a resit course?

No. The course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. It is suitable for both first-time ACCA students and retake ACCA students.

Q: Is it possible to pass the exam if I take the shorter ACCA Premier Express course?

Absolutely. We have many students who have obtained fantastic marks and even won prizes having attended ACCA Premier Express.

Q: In that case, what's the point in joining the ACCA Premier Course in January or July?

There are more sessions, so the topics are covered in a more leisurely manner. More questions are covered in class, so there is less for you to do at home. The timetable is more spread out, so it's easier to fit in your other commitments.

So be positive; if you've passed the examinations, you got a head start on the paper. If you were unsuccessful, you can transfer and retake the paper.

Q: If I've attended a teaching course, why do I also need a revision course?

The two are quite different, and are designed to complement one another.

In a teaching course, you are taught to understand the subject and to be able to perform calculations so as to get the right answer. In a revision course, the focus is on how you can optimise the time available in the exam to get as many marks as possible. You don't need to get the right answer (very few people do under examination pressure), but you do need to obtain enough marks in three hours to pass the exam.

In a teaching session you study topics one at a time. In a revision course, you practice exam-style questions that will examine lots of different topics in one question. You consider the order in which you should attempt the parts of the question, which parts are easier, and how to get enough of these easy marks to pass the exam. These are techniques which the lecturers will arm you with.

You dramatically increase your chances of passing the exam if you attend both teaching and revision sessions.

Q: What is the ACCA membership and student fees?

Please note that ACCA UK has revised the registration fees effective of 9th November 2011. The chart below outlines the revised fees for ACCA and FIA/CAT student registration payable to both ICPAS and ACCA UK.

A subscription fee is charged in addition to the initial registration fee in your first year as an ACCA student if you register before 8 May and are therefore eligible to sit at both the June and December exam sessions. Thereafter the annual subscription fee is due and payable on 1 January each year you wish to remain an active student. Remember you can pay your fees online at myACCA. The payment enables ACCA to provide you with relevant resources and support to help you gain membership.

ACCA students who fail to pay fees when due will have their names removed from the ACCA register. Students wishing to re-register are now required to submit any amounts unpaid at the time of their removal in addition to the re-registration fee. Confirmation of your unpaid fees can be obtained from your national ACCA office or ACCA Connect.

The following fees and subscriptions apply with immediate effect:

ACCA Qualification and Foundation-level students

Initial registration £79

Subscription £81

Re-registration £79, in addition to any amounts unpaid at the time of registration/removal.

All fees are subject to revision without price notice.
+In addition to any unpaid amounts at the time of resignation/removal.

For more information about our ACCA program: click ACCA

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